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Call China quick, we’re running outa $20’s!

The “debt ceiling” is a manufactured crisis, created as a command and control base from which the Democans and Republicrats can launch their fear-mongering and partisan tripe.  What a bunch of losers.

Here’s the real story:

The Fed has been inflating away the deficit for years, robbing you of purchasing power.  The whole debt ceiling debacle is just an excuse for them to make you feel like they’re working hard in your behalf, when in reality, they’re going to do what they’ve been doing for years: carving out loopholes and bailouts for the rich and powerful (banks, MIC, and big corporations) and prostituting themselves for campaign contributions.


Jeff Rubin says “peak globalization” was in 2007

Some powerful concepts…and a sweet guitar.

World made by hand

The orchard is coming along nicely. The cover crop and wildflowers are ragin’.  Barley is about thigh high.
















Why do I have an irrepressible urge to hop on my bike, cut the wild wheat growing along the highway, and feed it to my chickens? I’m just weird I guess.

I must have one of these:

Thinking about converting lawn to garden? You’ll want this tool:

Scythe, sickle, shovel, and hoe!

Damn the bankers! Damn the SUV! Damn the Supermarket! Damn the torpedoes…oh wait….

Okay, rant over. Check out Scythe Works.

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