Dangerous conflagrations – Egypt and beyond

One of the more predictable indicators for violence is this:  when an honest man can’t afford to put a roof over his head or to put a basic meal on the table for his family there’s gonna be trouble.

This has happened in Tunisia and Egypt and could spread to European countries with weak “safety nets.” The contagion is also very likely to spread to other countries where a high percentage of income is spent on necessities: Pakistan, China, and India, etc.

We’re seeing the beginnings of an inevitable political and economic conflagration due to:

  • food supply chain instability due to peak oil and unstable weather
  • insane increases in oil and food prices
  • a bank insolvency crisis that’s now morphed into a sovereign debt crisis in many nations
  • lax fiscal responsibility and inflationary monetary policies
  • tension due to widening income disparity
  • institutional corruption and dominance of global corporations
  • political instability due to the waning hegemony of the United States and the dollar

Other than that, everything is hunky-dory.


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