Excerpts from Jim Rogers’ latest interview

On currencies: “I own other currencies like Singapore dollar, Japanese Yen, Euro, but I am skeptical of the US dollar. I do not own the pound sterling. I see no future for the pound sterling and the only thing I see can replace a dollar is the renminbi down the road.”

On the dollar: “I own the US dollar at the moment because there have been many-many skeptics on the US dollar. I expect it to rally for a while. I do not know whether I would own it for a week or a month or a year. I just do not know. I do know that as long as there are many-many skeptics, there is a good chance that it will rally, there are some things going on in the US which may cause the rally to go even further. I am not selling my dollars if it goes down, I might even buy more US dollars, but longer term the US dollars may be in terrible-terrible shape. It is a very flawed currency; I do not plan to own the US dollar 5-10 years from now at all and maybe sooner.”

On stocks and emerging markets: “Well, I do not own shares in many places any more, including emerging markets. Most emerging markets got terribly over-exploited.”

On commodities: “My way to participate what is going on is to own commodities because if the world economy gets better, commodities will do very well because of the shortages. If the world economy does not get better, I still want to own commodities because the government is going to print more money. It is a wrong thing to do printing money, but that is all they know. So whenever they print money, it is good for real assets. So either way, I would rather own commodities than shares…”

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  2. Posted by Dan DeGeare on January 22, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    Sir, Do you ever feel like a voice crying in the wilderness? You are insightful about finances and life. Our populace has discovered that if they elect clowns who will buy their votes with irresponsible legislation, then the future looks bleak. I must remain an optimist. Perhaps it will take a crisis to bring us out of this quagmire. I grew up in Oklahoma City where people worked for a living. Now, many people think that the government should take care of them. In the early colonies it was simple, if you didn’t work you didn’t eat. I now live in Colorado Springs a place where God “showed off”. I am delighted with your self effacing humor. Thanks for being you. Warm Regards, Dan DeGeare (67 years old with a son 15.)


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