What to look forward to in 2011

Niels Bohr said, “Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.”

I’m not a financial expert.  You can’t trust anything I say – just venturing few guesses like every other moron trotted out on TV to predict the future.

More: sovereign debt problems (Spain and/or Spain will be Greece 2.0), money-printing (“extension” of QE2), volatility (big swings in DOW, S&P, Nasdaq),  partisanship (Tea Party will piss everyone off, but no substantive change will happen without a MAJOR crisis), government surveillance and intrusion (more cameras, more groping),  deficit spending (Congress will “have to” raise the debt ceiling) , a sugar high in equities as long as Fed is buying (POMO, QE3?) marked by several flash crashes during the year, at least one bailout of a TBTF bank or corporation, and record bonuses for the “bankstas”

Higher: cost of oil ($80-150), food, silver ($50), gold ($2000), firearms, rare earths, PM related mining stocks

Falling: house prices (U.S. down another 15%, sub-prime will morph into Alt-A, Option Arm evil twin), government bond prices, equities if QE ends or Europe blows up, dollar compared to anything not-fiat (may rise against other failing currencies, the “Best Looking Horse in the Glue Factory” motif continues)

Flat: corporate bond yields, dividends, employment, consumption

Black Swans: gold-standard chatter, Ron Paul finally gains wide-spread credibility, big volcanic eruption, wild weather, a terrorist attack, wars (Iran, N. Korea, Pakistan, Israel etc.),  a major flash-crash,  a hyperinflation event in a major currency, a pandemic, a Eurozone break-up, failure in U.S. debt market with skyrocketing interest rates, China hard landing, yuan de-peg

Lastly, the government and the Main-Stream-Media will be offering gallons of Kool-Aid free of charge.


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