For years now, you’ve been nothing but a cog. A cog in the social, political, religious, and economic hegemony that dominates your life.

As such, your life is pointless, absurd and depressing.

Your life is full: full of duties, bills, to do lists, taxes, deadlines, and propaganda.

At the same time, however, your life is empty: empty of affection, freedom, meaning, and simplicity.


As you read this, you will recall the many strokes that groomed you for “COG-NESS”.

“Color inside the lines!”

“Sit up straight.”

“Do your duty.”

“Work and spend, work and borrow, work and pay your taxes.”

You’ve been drilled, catechized, and molded.

Deep down however, being a cog never really suited you. But eventually you did accept it, even studied, revered and sacrificed for it. It’s what everybody does, right?

For some people, perceptive folks like you, however, a nagging feeling eventually develops; a subconscious, yet intrusive inkling that your thoughts, actions, and dreams have becoming less and less your own.

Perhaps you’ve reached a point of no return: are you going to go on as COG knowing it’s all a sham, created to make others powerful and rich, or are you going to rebel? Are you going to be YOU or someone’s tool?


As you read this a deep primitive emotion might surface. The creative, laughing, exploring, naïve “NOT-A-COG-NESS” that is your true essence will resonate. It will try to emerge.

If you’re courageous, you can let yourself live a real life.

But you’ve got a lot of unlearning and de-programming to do, but if you’re willing to question the assumptions and the illegitimate authority that structures your life, however, you may in fact find purpose, meaning and joy.

Being a cog sucks. Being a self-actualized, creative, beneficent force of nature totally rules!

After all, it’s never to late to become who you were meant to be.



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