“Is this my new reality, Mr. President.”

Great question from Mrs. Velma Hart at recent town hall meeting with President Obama.  (starting at 0: 57 – 2:04)

In brief, Velma, yes – this is your new reality.

  • Workers in China make things for 1/20th of your salary – with no benefits.
  • Workers in India will answer customer services calls, do accounting, payroll, collections and other “back office” duties for 1/10th of your salary – with no benefits.
  • Blue collar jobs flooded overseas in the 90s, then white-collar jobs after that.  Currently there are  20 construction workers vying for every 1 job opening in the U.S.
  • The finance, insurance, and real-estate sectors that were propping up the rest of the economy,  just went belly up.
  • If you want to move to where the jobs are, you’d still have to pay off your under-water mortgage – if you can sell your house that is.

There’s no money in the Treasury for Obama’s spending, so helicopter Ben Bernanke is printing it out of thin air and selling T-bills like mad to cover it, mostly to foreign creditors that hate America. This is giant mountain of debt that you and your children have to pay-off.

Your government doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the average American. Just follow the money (your taxes and mortgage payments)…straight to the crony capitalists on Wall Street and the global banking cartel.

I’m very sorry to break it to you, Mrs. Hart, but meals of “hot dogs and beans” are your new reality.   Meals of “rice and beans” will be the reality for your daughters and grand-kids.

Why won’t Mr. Obama just come out and level with you?  You can only extend and pretend for so long. Wake up, the American Dream is over.


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