Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth

If you want to know what the hell is going on with the economy, you need to rid your mind of the following myths:

  • The debt is payable.
  • It’s a free market.
  • If the liberals and conservatives could work together it would fix things.
  • Countries exist.
  • Governments are in charge.
  • Borders matter.
  • Money equals wealth.

The global banking cartel likes to keep the foregoing ideas in circulation as propaganda, but in reality, these are all false statements. In actuality:

  • The debt can never be paid: Unless more money is printed, there is never enough money to pay back interest.  Each time more money is made, more debt it put into the system. . Debt-based money is the ultimate weapon of the banks and the governments that serve them. The system depends on the exponential growth of the money supply, otherwise principal + interest could never be repaid.  This makes us all slaves to debt-based fiat currency, asset bubbles, and inflation.
  • It’s an unfair, rigged market.  The stock exchanges are certainly manipulated, if not controlled, by the banks. (In the U.S. this requires  collusion between the U.S. Treasury department, the Federal Reserve, and the big Wall Street Banks. The government and the Wall Street banks get freshly printed bills from the Federal Reserve to make more loans or to speculate in markets they largely control. Of course they leverage up by 10, 50, or a 100 times the real value to insure more debt is issued to the populace.
  • The banks fund and control both parties, so it really doesn’t matter who is in office. The banks and their agents in government guide policy, make backroom deals, and even start wars.  It’s about money and power, not left and right, Republican or Democrat. The banks own the powerful members of Congress and are content to let the junior, stupid, or outright corrupt Senators and Congressmen continue their perpetual dog and pony show, blame games, character-assassination -mud-fests, and general bipartisanship.  It’s a charade.
  • Borders mean next to nothing to banks. Borders are just arbitrary lines on a map that denote collectives of debt slaves. It’s a global debt empire for the banks, not a collection of sovereign nation-states.  China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea might be the only exceptions.
  • Governments are not in charge. They are the police force and propaganda machine for the global power banks. The U.S. government lost control of the currency in 1913. Since then, the Federal Reserve and the banks it represents have been the powerhouse behind all the branches of government.
  • Debt-based money extracts wealth from the bottom (us), to the top (the banks).  Even if you pay back the principal plus  interest, you’re still a slave to inflation and asset bubbles blown up by those that control the money supply.

Through the TARP bailout, to cite a recent example, the banks have orchestrated the biggest transfer of wealth in history. Never ones to let a crisis go to waste, the big bank’s “toxic assets” are now your responsibility. Subsequently, the Fed has reloaded large banks and multinational corporations with trillions of freshly printed dollars through QE1 and POMO.  I wonder what they’ll do with it? Help you get a job?  Yeah…right. “Why waste time in America?” they say, “It’s tapped out.” They’ll take your bailout money and buy assets in emerging markets before the dollar goes to pot. Next they will take down Social Security, health benefits, your mortgage, and your 401k by confiscation or by hyperinflation. (In no specific order.)

If you follow the money and steer clear of the propaganda this all becomes crystal clear.  Time to start losing some illusions people. Main street, the middle-class, and the ignorant, if patriotic tax-payer are screwed.


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